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TwoWay Radio Case Protective TwoWay Radio Silicone Cover Wearabl
TwoWay Radio Case Protective TwoWay Radio Silicone Cover Wearabl


Product description

Protect your walkietalkies from scratches and dings. Compatible radio model: for Baofeng BF888s. Made of silicone which is soft, flexible and durable. Silicone material is more suitable for the walkietalkies, making the protection performance more outstanding. High quality and 100% brand new.
Condition: 100% Brand new
Material: Silicone
Color: Black
Size: approx.11*6.9*14.4cm / 4.33*2.72*5.67in

Package List:
6* Silicone TwoWay Radio Holster
Please allow 13cm error due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind before ordering.
Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration as the different placement of pictures.

Discounts Clearance Prices TwoWay Radio Case Protective TwoWay Radio Silicone Cover Wearabl Outlet Store Wholesale

The need for space in business is inevitable, especially if it is growing fast. Whether you are expanding a new branch or increasing production in your current business, you will be faced with the need for more space. So, what sustainable option do you have? Temporary buildings? You got it right.


Rudolph Run – The Most Successful Year Yet

The support this year for Dove House Hospice’s Rudolph Run has been outstanding across nurseries and primary schools across Hull and East Yorkshire.

Thousands of children shall be donning their reindeer antlers and characteristic red noses to help support the hospice this December by taking part in a fun run during the school day and asking relatives, friends and others to sponsor their efforts.


Richard Durrant’s Candlelit Christmas Concert Returns To Beverley

Richard Durrant returns to Beverley with his popular festive celebration as part of ‘Classically Yours’, on Thursday, 2 December at 7:30pm at Toll Gavel United Church, Beverley.

Richard heralds the start of the Christmas season with son Django on percussion; founder member of Gryphon, the legendary Brian Gulland on crumhorns and bassoon; and the unforgettable voice of Amy Kakoura.


Online Bingo UK Chat Rooms Safe?

Part of the appeal of bingo, in general, is that it is a very sociable game. You can go to a bingo hall with your friends and catch up whilst you play.

This is also part of the charm when playing the game online with the use of chat rooms. Players can socialise with people all across the globe while enjoying a game of bingo from the comfort of their own sofa.


How To Play Online Games Safely

We all love to play games online. It’s one of the most popular hobbies. Playing online games can reduce stress, improve multitasking ability and decision-making skills. But it can also lead to obesity, poor grades, addiction, and an increase in violent behaviour.

Online games can be unhealthy for you too. Luckily, it’s easy to be safe while playing online. To be on the safer side, here are six things that you can consider.


Local Housebuilder Celebrates The Success Of Its Apprenticeship Scheme

Barratt Developments Yorkshire East is celebrating the success of its Apprenticeship Scheme as seven new apprentices begin their careers with the housebuilder.

As part of Barratt Developments’ ongoing Apprenticeship Scheme, seven students are able to gain unparalleled experience in the construction industry whilst obtaining the qualifications they need to be successful in their careers.


Humberside Police Support Tackling Knife-Crime Week

Discounts Clearance Prices TwoWay Radio Case Protective TwoWay Radio Silicone Cover Wearabl Outlet Store Wholesale

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Humberside Police are supporting the national campaign to tackle knife crime – Operation Sceptre.

During this week, from 15 November and 21 November, there will be a surrender for bladed weapons and offensive weapons to be handed into police stations force-wide.

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